Just had my weekly nutritionist appointment and had an awesome result!

I’m down to 57.7kg – I’ve lost 700g fat in the last week, the fat loss has been from my thighs and bum which is my target area.

It’s the lightest I’ve been since high school and I’m so happy and feeling really motivated.

We had adapted my diet to include more fibre and I think this has had a great impact on my metabolism.

I kept a really positive outlook toward my food and training this week which I also think influenced the positive result.

I’ve been mixing up the type of cardio I’m doing – high intensity interval sprints, spin class and power walking up the mountain near my house so it keeps my body guessing.

I’ve also been pushing it really hard with my weight training at the gym, increasing the weights and reps – I FINALLY managed to do two chin ups by myself, it’s a goal I’ve had for a while and it was an awesome feeling to achieve it.

Good results all round! Count down to Christmas is on and I’m feeling even more motivated to stay on track.

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What I’m Eating This Week


I’ve been suffering a little bit with digestion lately so I’ve switched up my eating plan this week to encourage my metabolism to work a bit better.

I’m a little nervous about how the reintroduction of fruit and carbs will affect my weight, but it’s important to get my insides working properly so it’s reflected through a healthy exterior!

I’ve cut out artificial sweeteners and introduced a fibre supplement called Benefibre twice a day.

Breakfast – 1/3 cup of whole grain oats, 2 kiwifruit, 10 almonds

Snack – 1 scoop Dymatize ISO Whey protein powder mixed with Fresh’n’Fruity Lite yoghurt

Lunch – 150g chicken & 200g frozen vege mix

Snack – 1 can lite tuna & 1 corn thin

Dinner – 150g chicken or fish & 200g vege or salad

After Dinner – Vitamin C powder

The image above is my flat tummy salad I’m having for dinner tonight. Broccoli and beans can cause bloating especially in females so I’m reducing my in take of these slightly.

To make the salad is very simple, I’ve just diced cucumber, carrot and capsicum and dressed it with a tiny dash of olive oil, a big squeeze of lemon juice and a teaspoon of whole grain mustard. Soon it’ll be topped with grilled chicken – yum!

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Eating Green

These days my dinners are much the same.

I eat 150g of grilled chicken with 200g of vegetables.

I love broccoli – it has so many great vitamins and minerals and is a delicious low calorie vegetable option.

I usually just have blanched broccoli and beans with a squeeze of lemon, and either crushed chilli or a teaspoon of whole grain mustard mixed through.

Tonight I decided to try something a little different to keep it interesting – a Japanese inspired broccoli salad. I saw the recipe in a magazine and have adapted it to make it work with my eating plan.

What’s in it?

Chopped fresh cos lettuce
Diced cucumber
Blanched chopped broccoli
Blanched chopped asparagus
Chopped coriander
Black sesame seeds

After I blanched the broccoli and asparagus I ran them under cold water and tossed through the lettuce, cucumber and coriander.

For the dressing I’ve combined low-salt soy sauce, sesame oil and mirrin seasoning.

I’ll be topping it with grilled chicken marinated in lemon juice and a dash of low-salt soy sauce.

Delicious way to get your greens!


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I just got back from the nutritionists and have my new measurements for the week.

I’ve had a successful week despite being sick at the start of it –

I’ve lost 2kg of weight so am down from 60.2kg to 58.2kg.

I lost 1.6kg and 200g of lean mass, the rest of the weight loss is fluid.

I’ve lost 2% body fat so now am sitting at 21.3%. The callipers showed that I’ve lost fat from every measurement point – the biggest loss was around my bum and thighs which is my key problem area!

I’m a bit disappointed at the lean mass loss but feel it will be easy to regain. If I continue to lose lean mass I’ll increase my protein intake.

This is the lightest I’ve been in years and I’m amping! I’m feeling so motivated and can’t wait for this coming week.

I’ve made a real effort to ‘think thin’ and positively about my food, training and body the entire week and truly believe this has contributed to the great result.

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What I’m Eating This Week

I visited the nutritionist on Saturday and didn’t have the greatest result, I’m happy that I gained 100g of muscle, but I hadn’t shifted body fat.

I was eating around 1200-1250 calories, including oats and fruit. I have been training every day and haven’t cheated on my eating plan, so the result was a bit frustrating.

I reminded myself that as I get closer to my goal, I’m not going to get the big fat losses I experienced when I first started going to the nutritionist, however I still needed to do something so I don’t plateau.

This week we have reduced my calories and whilst my plan has an oat option for breakfast and a fruit option for one of my snacks, I’ve decided I won’t be having carbs or fruit this week.

I think both carbs and fruit are important for the body but when you are working hard to lose fat, I think they can be avoided until you are where you want to be. I’m going to miss my oats!

I’ve made a conscious effort to cut out ALL salt too to help my bloating. I’m putting chilli flakes, pepper and lemon juice on everything to add flavour.

I’m eating the same thing every day, a total of 1156 calories – my eating plan is high in protein and low in fat.

Combined with my training schedule, I hope this will put me back on track this week.

Breakfast – 1 egg + 4 white omelette with 50g ham and veges (I have frozen spinach, red capsicum, mushrooms, red onion & celery)

Snack – 1 small tub of Fresh’n’Fruity lite yoghurt + 10 raw almonds

Lunch – 150g chicken (skinless, baked with pepper, lemon juice and garlic) + 200g veges (I use a frozen mix and stir through some crushed chilli for flavour)

Snack – 1 scoop of protein (Dymatize ISO Whey 100) + 1 can Sealord lite tuna

Dinner – 150g chicken (skinless, grilled with pepper, lemon juice and garlic) + 200g veges (blanched brocolli, green beans & raw red capsicum)

Snack – 1 Weight Watchers Jelly (not a big advocate of artificial sweetners, but it cures my sweet craving while I’m trying to reduce fat)


I’m drinking on average about 4L of water a day, 1 long black coffee, 1-2 cups of Scarborough Fair green tea, and occasionally 1 cup of Alpine Tea at night to help with digestion and bloating.

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Starting Again

I haven’t blogged in a few months, I lost my motivation around September, I was still going to the gym religiously but wasn’t getting any fat loss results – in fact, my body was storing fat and I was looking chubby and bloated.

To try and combat this, I was eating minimal amounts during the day – my average daily in take would be around 900 calories, and I was obessing over food. I was hungry all the time and after I had eaten, all I could think about was when I was going to eat next.

On the weekends I would drink alcohol and I would over eat.

During the week I found myself bingeing on things like dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter – anything I could get my hands on in the pantry. This put me in a really bad headspace, and combine this with intense training with no results, I was frustrated and hating how I looked.

My boyfriend always says to me, if you don’t like a situation – CHANGE IT!

So after a morning of training where I felt like I looked terrible, and a few tears, that’s what I did.

I spoke to my trainer and he recommended I go and see a nutritionist. I like to think I eat fairly healthy, but going to see the nutritionist has totally opened my eyes about portion control and eating the right amounts for the body.

In my first week on my new plan (which was MORE calories that what I had been consuming) I lost 800g of fat, the week after, 1kg of fat.

It reminded me that it REALLY is about nutrition. You can’t out train a bad diet.

I had a trip to Hawaii in October where I indulged a bit in food and alcohol, and put on 1kg of fat, but I lost that the week I returned by just getting back on my plan.

I’ve found my motivation again, and I’m loving the gym, I’m loving my nutrition plan and I’m loving the results I’m seeing.

My goal is to be at 16% body fat. My last measurement had me sitting at 22.9%. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m confident I’m going to get there, and I’m enjoying the journey.

It’s a battle everyday because I work so hard and I want to see my hard work pay off immediately, but I know that to lose the fat in a healthy way and to keep it off, it has to be a steady and sometimes slow plight.

I’ve starting doing a lot of research around nutrition and training, and reading other fitness blogs to make sure I’m well informed. I have a great support team in my boyfriend, my trainer and my nutritionist and have found my passion for fitness and nutrition once more.

Now I feel I’m back on track, I’m going to start blogging again – second time lucky!

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Banana Chips

I had a spare banana left in the fruit bowl which was beginning to turn an unappealing shade of brown, so decided to use it up!

A colleague had been eating banana chips at work a few weeks ago and gave me one to try – it was delicious! I’d never had banana chips before, and decided it tasted way too good to be healthy.

After doing some research I realised my instinct was right – banana chips you buy in the supermarket are usually deep fried.

It’s been a lazy Sunday afternoon so I did a trial to make my own baked healthier version of the banana chip.

I sliced up the banana and drizzled the sides with a bit of honey. I then sprinkled some cinnamon on the top and put into the oven at 160 degrees for about 30mins. I put the grill on for the final few minutes which made the honey bubble. I flipped them over and baked for another few minutes.

The chips were still slightly soft when I took them out of the oven, but as they cooled they turned really crunchy. I sprinkled a little bit more cinnamon on as I love it.

Not a bad first attempt. I won’t be making these often – the honey means they are still sugary, so best kept as an occasional treat, but at least they are healthier than their store-bought counterparts!






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Smashing legs

My stubborn, stubborn legs. I think I work hard – but no matter what I do, the things just don’t seem to shift fat all too easily.

I’m wide at the hips, so no matter what I do, I’m never going to be a stick figure, but what I do want to achieve is beautifully sculpted, toned, muscular legs – without the fat!

My trainer and I discussed the issue of my stubborn legs and came up with a plan of attack.

We have split our weekly training sessions so my partner and I no longer train together. He’s at 9% body fat and has very different workout needs to what I have. It was fun while it lasted, but to achieve maximum results, our trainer needs to work with us separately – not to say we won’t be hitting the weights room together on the other days, we still both need a spotting partner after all!

I am now dedicating every personal training session to legs and doing my upper body myself as its progressing well.

I had my first ‘new’ legs session last week and another one this morning – WOW! I haven’t felt this sore in a long time and it feels good.

We’re mixing weights with plyometrics and sprints.

What did I do this morning?

First superset – repeat twice:
Box step up and step down to lunge (5kg dumbbells in each hand) – 10 each side
Seated leg press – 20 reps at 92kg
Hip raises using Swiss ball (working hamstrings) – 20 reps

Second superset – repeat twice:
Quick box step up – 10 each side
Squat jumps – 20
Grounded hamstring hyperextension – 3 reps

Hill sprints – intervals with jogging
Backwards jog up hill
Hill sprints – 100% effort

I’ve been hitting spin classes on my days off and am loving it! Definitely improving my cardio fitness and leg strength.

Staying hopeful that this revised routine will produce some positive results in my next round of measurements!


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Homemade Muesli Bars

Today I decided to have a go at making my own muesli bars.

Muesli bars are a great snack to have to increase energy, but the ones in the shops are usually full of sugar and hidden fats.

Making my own means I control everything that goes in. The first batch has turned out well – next time I’m going to add mashed banana and dedicated coconut.

This time round I made the bars from:

Rolled oats
3 Eggs
Rice bran oil
Sesame seeds (black and white)
Pipeta seeds
Sunflower seeds
Brazil nuts
2 scoops of our vanilla Dymatize ISO Whey protein powder
Vanilla Essence
Manuka Honey

Making the bars is really simple – just mix all the ingredients above in a bowl and then press into a tin lined with baking paper.

Put in a pre heated oven (160C) and bake for 30mins.

YUM! The bars aren’t too sweet and a great source of protein and energy.

I think they’ll be delicious served with some low-fat natural yoghurt for a dessert.

The mix before it went in the oven:


The end result:


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Moroccan mince

I had some uncooked pork mince left over from larb salad the other night so decided to cook up something different.

I cooked chopped onions and mince with a mix of Moroccan spice, paprika, cumin, salt pepper and cinnamon.

Then I added a can of chopped tomatoes, red kidney beans and frozen peas, beans and sugar snap peas.

I sprinkled a tiny bit of caster sugar in the pan to balance the flavours.

I served it on red quinoa – really yummy and high in protein! I think the recipe needs a bit of work, but definitely an easy mid-week winner.


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